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National Instruments certifications are industry-recognized credentials that distinguish expertise in using NI products for developing measurement and automation solutions.”

NI offers three levels of certifications for the new, experienced, and expert NI product user. For organizations and hiring managers, NI certifications are credible prerequisites that identify expertise for hiring, promoting, and outsourcing decisions.”

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Profile Overview: Senior Software and Electronic engineer with extensive management experience. Hands on design and management experience in electronics, PCB Layout, data acquisition, embedded real time software, firmware, drivers and electronics. Experienced in applications including aerospace, video, switchgear, and rotating machines.

National Instruments Certified Software Developer, LabWindows\CVI (September 2007)
National Instruments Certified Professional Instructor, LabWindows\CVI (October 2007)

Computer competencies: C, C++, VxWorks, National Instruments Labwindows/CVI, National Instruments Lookout, Embedded processor C++, C and assembly language, ODBII, Rolling Codes, Manchester encoding, DeviceNet (CAN Bus), LabView, Visual Basic, Visual C++, MS Office, Basic, DOS.

Education: BSEE University of Minnesota, 1969
Several classes, seminars etc. including a recent U of M class on micromachines

Patents: Two patents for transfer switches and bypass switches, patent for encoding data in video content, patent for Ice Thickness measurement instrument.


Consultant, Sept 1998 to Present

Current projects and Activities

            CAN bus projects for California company.


            Video camera project with Bluetooth 3.0.


             Tracking product with Cellular modem and Bluetooth LE

LabWindows CVI Instructor For National Instruments (Inactive).


Completed projects (partial list)

Emergency Warning Siren control

ODBII & RTCC additions to Vehicle Monitor

Wireless Interpreter, PIC32 with Bluetooth and cell phone

            Modbus TCP Product development

Toxic gas monitor, PIC18F, 4-20 mA & USB, I2C to peripherals.

Support and maintain and upgrade Spindle (machine tool) error motion analysis software in Labwindows CVI. Product includes extensive use of IEEE 1451.4 TEDS.

Ice Thickness instrument based on PIC18F with USB to PC program to collect and report data.

Marine engine test monitor software.

Added Cellular modem and Smart Card Reader to a medical product for a local firm. Wrote all using Microchip PIC processors (completed December 2005).

Software to Measure and Analyze large electric motor Torque and related performance during design and production test.

Additions to Firmware for Heavy Equipment joystick controller using Atmel processors (completed April 2005).

Firmware for companion product to Ammonia Leak Detector (Microchip Processor).

Development of several software packages for precision machining analysis for High Precision Machining company.

Software for Large Electric Generator monitoring equipment (Lookout and LabWindows CVI).

Hardware design and firmware design and code for industrial ammonia leak detector with digital display and 4-20 mA outputs using Atmel microporcessor (Atmel processor).

Hardware design and firmware design and code for DeviceNet temperature sensor (Microchip processor).

Wrote all software (C and C++) for two instruments for machine tool monitoring, utilizing an Intel StrongARM embedded processor running Wind River VxWorks and Zinc for VxWorks GUI developer.
First product was awarded “Best of Sensors Expo” award at Fall 2001 Sensors Expo.

Added international support to machine tool instrument GUI, including support for Asian languages.

Upgraded instrument test software in Labwindows CVI for military equipment manufacturer.

Designed a Generator Test Panel and wrote test software for a generator manufacturer.

Wrote several instrument test programs in Labwindows CVI for avionics instrument manufacturer.

Upgraded video monitor controller to use Flash memory microcontroller. Two projects for different monitor models.

Developed computer program in Labwindows/CVI (ANSI C) to monitor machine tools. Acquire 5 position signals, 12 temperatures and one encoder or index pulse. Data presented in real time in several graphical and digital formats as selected by the user. Analyses include FFTs, least squares fits and synchronous calculations defined in machine tool standards. This project includes 15000 lines of C code and an eight chapter, 98 page manual included in the program as a windows help file.

Dotronix,1998 to 1999

SR. Project Engineer
Designed embedded processors into industrial video monitors. Processors respond to Infrared remote controls and adjust monitor performance. Three models completed in 14 months. First model in production since July 1998. Second entered production in April 1999. This model includes A/D to measure the beam current in the picture tube, D/A to control 14 functions, Real time clock with battery backup, Temperature measurement chip, and serial EEPROM with on- screen display of all parameters, menus etc. All peripheral chips connected by I2C (high speed serial protocol).

Central Engineering Company, 1983 to 1998

Sr. V.P. Engineering, 1986 to 1998
Responsible for all engineering departments (approximately 50 engineers) including Electrical, Mechanical, Computer, and Architectural. During last 15 months, added responsibility for Project Management department (four people). For several weeks chaired management team during medical absence of company president. Member of advisory board. Member of several negotiating teams. Lead negotiating team on key 6 million dollar project during president's absence.

Lead and managed design of several new test cells and test cell refurbishments including:
New B777 and growth engine test bed for Rolls Royce, currently largest test cell in the world. This cell includes capability for operating the engine in full reverse.
New B777 test cell for GE (GEAES), similar in size to RR test bed.
Modified test cell for United Air Lines to allow testing of B777 engines.

Lead and/or managed several new product developments including:
Vibration monitoring instrument based on DSP.
VXI Tachometer instrument
Family of new thrust stands.
Conversion of computer data acquisition system to Unix.
Conversion of computer data acquisition system to X-terminals.
Conversion of computer data acquisition system to VXI
Developed airflow prediction and modeling, and measurement techniques including complex program with full documentation with references to basic physics, equation derivation, and dimensional analysis of all equations.
Developed program to analyze torsional vibration of gearbox test stand.

Onan corp., (now Cummins Power Generation)1968 to 1983

Manager of Component Design
Managed three design groups for Generators, Switchgear, and Controls.

Electrical Design Engineer
Lead several design projects including:
Development of new Switchgear and controls for large generating systems of multiple diesel driven generators.
Development of several voltage regulator/excitation systems for generators.
Development of family of transfer switches.
Development of microcomputer based transfer switch control.


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