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Data Acquisition Projects

Personal Computers (PCs) can host powerful Data Acquisition and Analysis software. Tell Engineering, Inc. is experienced at writing Data Acquisition and Analysis programs for PCs. We Typically use National Instruments Data Acquisition boards mounted in a PCI slot in a desktop PC or in a PCMCIA (PC Card) slot in a Laptop PC.

Our projects include:

· Spindle Error Analyzer: Monitors the a rotating spindle (Machine Tool, Disk Drive, etc.). Displays deviations from perfect motion graphically based on industry standards.

· Torque Measurement and Analysis program for Large Electric Motors

· Vertical Exciter Test Stand: Written in National Instruments Lookout, automatically controls and monitors a complete test of an exciter used on very large generators.

· Motor Generator Monitor: Monitors the health parameters of a large motor generator.

· LabView and C Drivers for Capacitive Gap Measurement Instrument

· Marine Engine Testing program for Marine Dynamometer company.

· Roundness” program upgrades and maintenance for Precision Machining company.

· Ice Thickness program: Graphically displays ice thickness over a rink with data from PIC based instrument via USB. Generates PDF reports.

· Production Test Program and Test Fixture for Medical "Sharps" removal tool