Contact Info:

Tell Engineering
581 Old Hwy 8 NW
New Brighton MN 55112

Phone: 763-226-6531
Fax: 651-636-4211

We develop firmware and often participate in or lead the hardware design of Embedded Processors products:

Microchip PIC processors (PIC 32, PIC 24, PIC 18):

  • M2M solution for large industrial machine (PIC32, Janus-Telit modem, Sprint M2M service)

  • Emergency Warning Siren Control (PIC32, VHF RF Link, Rolling code, Encryption, Embedded web site)

  • ODBII & RTCC additions to Vehicle Monitor (PIC32)

  • Wireless Interpreter (PIC32, Bluetooth Cell Phone)

  • Security System monitor (PIC32, Embedded web site)

  • Anemometer Monitor (PIC24, Modbus TCP, Embedded web site)

  • Jet Engine Rotation Detector (PIC24, Modbus TCP, Embedded web site)

  • Fuel Loading Control for Corporate & Light Aircraft

  • Acoustic Label Sensor

  • Toxic Gas Detector

  • Major Modifications to Colostomy Stimulation Device

  • Central Panel for Toxic gas detector systems with Modbus TCP or ControlNet interface

  • Capacitance Gauge control chassis

  • DeviceNet Thermocouple and RTD monitor with TEDS (IEEE 1451)

  • Ice Thickness measurement instrument

  • Added Wireless Modem to Health Monitor

  • Added Smart Card Reader to Health Monitor

Atmel AVR processors:

  • Toxic gas detector with 4-20 mA output

Intel StrongArm Processors:

  • Spindle Runout Analyzer

Freescale (Motorola) Processors:

  • Video Monitor Control and IR Remote control interface